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Slimline Gear Grid Design for Kingdom Death: Monster

In 2016, I a 3D printer as a birthday gift. In order to teach myself how to use it, I tasked myself with designing a replacement item for a paper asset from the hobby game "Monster" by Kingdom Death.

The basic idea was to replace a piece of paper with an extremely lightweight plastic part that held square cards in place on a table.

The challenge was not only to teach myself how to use 3D CAD and builder software by building a better mousetrap, but to do it with a critical limitation: the part that I was trying to replace is actually larger than the build plate on the printer, so I had to come up with a design that could be printed in one shot (and then assembled).

When I was finished, published a long, detailed blog post about the learning and design process.

Tinkercad link | Thingiverse link

2016-05-31 - Kingdom Death, Tinkercad, boardgames, design