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KD:M Manager!

KD:M Manager is an interactive campaign manager for the hobby game "Monster" by Kingdom Death.

I began development on the manager in December of 2015 and maintain it presently. At the time of this writing, the utility has 1017 registered users and, according to Google Analytics, averages about 1000 unique user sessions a month at a bounce rate percentage in the low 30's.
Rather than leveraging an existing framework, one of the development/design goals for me when I began the project was to do everything "from scratch", from the user-facing javascript helpers to the server-side administration and application design.

I also developed all of the visual assets, including logos and designs as well as color schemes and layout, etc.

Beyond the design challenge inherent in automating the book-keeping of a game famous for its sprawling design and tortuous business logic, the most important lessons of developing and maintaining the Manager has been the ones I have learned from the users about their priorities.

Specifically, if I had it all to do again (or when I start version two), I would sweat the minutiae of presentation and UX and worry less about back-end and book-keeping automation. Which, to put that another way, is to say that my main take-away at this point is that most users are willing to overlook or work around absent or incomplete features, so long as they like the overall presentation.

2015-11-29 - CSS, HTML, board game league, development, mongodb, python, software