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Halloween Costume: Mark Antony

I based my costume design on Richard Burton's white leather armor from the 1963 Liz Taylor Cleopatra.

The red under-tunic is flannel--I designed a the (very simple) pattern and sewed it--and the armor is made of foam, shaped with a heat gun and bonded with Barge's contact rubber cement.

The embellishments were partially 3D printed (the repetitive ones, e.g. the gold "flowers") and partially urethane: I made the mold for the sword from card stock, hosed it down in releaser and then used Smooth-Cast 300 in the mold.

Mostly the "armor" was spray-painted, but I did the pinstripes by hand.

Charlotte, my Cleopatra and the love of my life, deserves special credit for putting up with me while I worked obsessively on the thing for nearly two weeks straight. Looking back, it's all a blur, but I know how I am when I get a late start on a big project and I'm sure I was an absolute basket case.

2016-11-08 - 3D printing, Halloween, art, costumes, foam